Medical Billing
A complete Oral Appliance billing service is available that includes:
  • Individual claim submission for custom Oral Appliances (in and out of network)
  • Insurance precertification, preauthorization and appeals petition
  • In Network statues applications for Medicare and Commercial Insurances
Sleep Apnea

Diagnosis and treatment of Sleep Apnea is a fast growing field in the medical community and is now also expanding to the dental community. Sleep dentistry is quickly becoming the newest service offered by dentists to their patients by providing oral appliance therapy.

The largest obstacle facing dental offices is not the procedure or incorporating it into their office, but getting paid by Medical Insurance. Medical insurance is completely different from Dental insurance and getting payment is not a simple task. Most medical offices employ the services of medical billing companies because of the complexity and time required to get payments.

Dental claims are completely different from Medical claims and require proper pre authorization and claim coding to ensure payment. Investing in Software and electronic billing set up is a lot of work for a few claims a month. The general dental office with a busy team does not have the time and recourses available to effectively get maximum payment for services. VirtuOx Professional Edition has done all the work and investing for you so you can get back to what's most important, your patients.

How do I get started?

Thank you for your interest in VirtuOx Pro Medical Billing for Oral Appliances.
To begin please click on the three links below to upload program information and forms.
The Quick Facts and Rate Sheet will explain the process and terms.
The next step would be to complete the VirtuOx Pro DDS Demo form and contact your team leader, Tanya Padgett by email ( or by phone 877-337-7111 ext. 323.
Tanya will initiate the process and get you started.

Quick facts
Rate sheet
Pro DDS Demo

VirtuOx Professional Edition also has a full service medical billing component exclusively for dentists who treat Sleep Apnea and Snoring with Oral Appliance Therapy. We will work with your front office staff in walking them though the information and documents needed to get maximum payment.

The following services are provided for each account:
  • Verify medical coverage within 24 hours
  • Submit and follow up with pre authorization
  • Submit and follow up with pre determination
  • Create and submit all medical claims electronically
  • Follow up on denials and submit appeals
  • Negotiate fees and strive to receive in network benefits as an out of network provider.
Personalized updates of claim status given weekly and all pre-determinations or pre-authorizations status given same day as received. For no additional charge we will provide you with sleep apnea and screening forms, patient forms, and tips to improve and expand sleep dentistry in your practice.

HIPAA Compliant - We comply with HIPAA privacy and security regulations!